The following is a list of stolen base champions by individual season, divided into three categories for educated comparison:

The stolen base championship is awarded to the Major League Baseball player in each of the American League and the National League who has the highest number of stolen bases in a particular season.

Season leadersEdit

Batting champions by season
Season Brewer Leader RBI American League Leader RBI National League Leader RBI
1999 Grissom1 Marquis Grissom 24 Royals1 Brian Hunter (DET/SEA) 44 Womack1 Tony Womack (ARI) 72
2000 Grissom1 Marquis Grissom 20 Royals1 Johnny Damon (KC) 46 LCastillo1 Luis Castillo (FLA) 62
2001 Brewers1 Devon White 18 Ichiro1 Ichiro Suzuki (SEA) 56 Rockies1 Juan Pierre (COL) 46
2002 Brewers1 Alex Sanchez 37 Yankees1 Alfonso Soriano (NYY) .349 LCastillo1 Luis Castillo (FLA) 48
2003 Brewers1 Scott Podsednik 43 Crawford1 Carl Crawford (TB) 41 Pierre1FLA Juan Pierre (FLA) 65
2004 Brewers1 Scott Podsednik 70 Crawford1 Carl Crawford (TB) 59 Brewers1 Scott Podsednik (MIL) 70
2005 BHall1 Bill Hall 18 Figgins1LAA Chone Figgins (LAA) 62 JReyes1 José Reyes (NYM) 60
2006 Weeks1 Rickie Weeks 19 Crawford1 Carl Crawford (TB) 58 JReyes1 José Reyes (NYM) 64
2007 Weeks1 Rickie Weeks 25 Crawford1 Carl Crawford (TB) 50 JReyes1 José Reyes (NYM) 78
2008 Hart1 Corey Hart 23 Ellsbury1 Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS) 50 Taveras1 Willy Taveras (COL) 68
2009 Braun1 Ryan Braun 20 Ellsbury1 Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS) 70 Bourn1 Michael Bourn (HOU) 61